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November 13th To 15th, CHMC Zhonglian Harvester Meet You On 2020 CIAME International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition


  According to the research and judgment of the national, Shandong Province, and Qingdao expert groups, the Qingdao epidemic has achieved initial results. At a press conference on epidemic prevention and control held by the Qingdao Municipal Government Information Office on October 19, the Qingdao Municipal Government clarified that units at all levels in low-risk areas can hold various conferences and activities based on the principle of strict prevention and control of personnel gathering.

  After research and demonstration and with the consent of the relevant departments of Qingdao, the 2020 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition, originally scheduled to be held in the World Expo City, West Coast New District, Qingdao, from October 29 to 31, 2020, will be postponed to November 13, 2020- Held on the 15th.

  Zhonglian Harvester, three models will be exhibited, 4LZ-8 grain combine harvester, 4YZ series corn harvester, 4HZJ series peanut picking and harvesting machine, Zhonglian Harvester is committed to introducing new and better agricultural machinery technology every year Promote it to a wider market, help improve the efficiency of agricultural operations, and help farmers increase their income.

  The model exhibited by Zhonglian Harvester this time is the best-selling model in 2020. We welcome domestic and foreign trade partners to come and consult. We will provide the most complete technical and trade services. Zhonglian Harvester Factory is ready to welcome you to visit at any time. The new batch of 4LZ-8 wheat machines will soon start production. These new machines will bring a more efficient harvesting operation in 2021 with China's 2020 autumn crops.

  The China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition is an annual event that the domestic and foreign agricultural machinery industry pays close attention to and has considerable influence. We will work closely with the relevant departments of Qingdao City to do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, and work with the majority of exhibitors to overcome current difficulties and strengthen various service guarantee measures to ensure the complete success of the 2020 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition.