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Rice Harvester Fault Inspection Method


If the rice harvester fails in the operation, the cause of the failure should be ascertained as soon as possible and eliminated in time. Otherwise, it will delay the farming and cause losses. The rice harvester fault inspection method should generally use “5 words” to see, smell, listen, feel, and check.

One is to see. In the operation of the harvester, the agricultural machinery operator should pay attention to all kinds of abnormal phenomena appearing in the harvester, such as whether the cutting of the cutting platform is smooth, whether the rice waste exceeds the prescribed standard, and the engine exhaust pipe emits white, black and blue smoke. Whether the various meter readings are normal; whether there is oil leakage, water leakage, etc. If there is a shutdown inspection, analysis and exclusion.

The second is smell. If the agricultural machinery operator smells of glue, burnt smell and other strange smells, it indicates that a certain part or machine part of the harvester has failed, and should be stopped for inspection.

The third is listening. In the operation of the harvester, abnormal sounds are sometimes heard, such as an unstable engine running or a knocking sound, or an organic component that scratches the sound. It is necessary to stop the inspection at any time.

The fourth is the sense. In the operation, the engine power is insufficient, the steering lever is not operated properly, and the harvester is deflected; the clutch is poorly clutched, the gear is difficult to be placed, and the harvester is blocked. Agricultural machinery operators have a feeling, then stop inspection, adjustment, maintenance.

The fifth is to check. The agricultural machine operator must operate the harvester correctly during the operation. Before exiting the field, the harvester should be inspected during the operation and after the shutdown. Such as fuel, oil, hydraulic oil, cooling water is sufficient. Whether the bolts of each connector are loose; whether the parts are lubricated; whether the harvester is damaged or not. If any should be resolved at any time.