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Cao Gui'an: Xinjiang - 9 combine harvester efficiently after continuous harvests 2,300 acres!


Cao Gui'an: Xinjiang - 9 combine harvester efficiently after continuous harvests 2,300 acres!

Liangshan County is located in the southwest part of Jining City, Shandong Province. It is the birthplace of the story of the classical masterpiece "Water Margin" - Liangshan. Liangshan is also the first township of martial arts to be named nationwide, and we don't know if Cao Guian from Cao Zhuang Village, Xiao'anshan Town, Liangshan County, knows martial arts. Now he is going to tell the story of the Xinjiang-9 combine harvester, which he bought in May 2022 from Zhonglian Harvest.


Cao Angui told reporter: "I think the best part that makes me happy is the speed of working of Xinjiang-9. Speed makes efficiency. Last year I worked three days in Henan, the rest of season was in the local area, totally more than 2,300 acres of wheat was harvested, and this season paid for harvester, there are still some savings, this year is the net income!"

Master Cao explained: "In the past, the harvesting speed of other old models was particularly slow, and there were all kinds of failures when they going fast, either the feed or the drum was clogged, or the grain was scattered seriously and incomplete clearance, just like an old cow pulling an old car in the field, just 'humming' or not being able to get up the energy, this is not just a matter of increasing the engine horsepower, this requires the whole frame, power, transmission and feeding, separation, cleaning, and miscellaneous the whole system to operate in coordination with each other.

This 'Xinjiang-9' is latest product of Zhonglian Harvest back that time, the original one was 'Xinjiang-8'. This is a updated product, with all the key components, from the power to the whole harvester, upgraded and replaced. The engine power has been upgraded from the 160 hp to 200 hp, which has improved the efficiency of the operation. The failure rate is also low, apart from normal maintenance, there are hardly any problems, which is really admirable. That's why 'Xinjiang-9' is selling very well here in our county, and it's really very good."

"I'm a spokesman for Zhonglian Harvest, let's go for Zhonglian Harvest!" Cao Gui'an said and gave a thumbs up, fully expressing his approval of Zhonglian Harvest. As one of the domestic harvesting machinery manufacturers, Zhonglian Harvest has a history more than 30 years of research and development.

The 2023 coincides with the upgrade from National Emission Standard III to National Standard IV, Zhonglian Harvest has also made a new upgrade for its entire product range. The 4LZ-9B wheat harvester, 4LZ-9L combine harvester (longitudinal flow model) and the star product 4HJL-6 peanut picking harvester have been launched to the market in 2023, which will certainly set off a new selling trend in 2023!