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Yan Xuefeng: agent of Zhonglian Harvest road


Agricultural machinery industry pioneers opened up a road. With time going by, agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprises and agents are facing a "generation" to "second generation" of the critical period. Despite the solid foundation, the "second generation of agricultural machinery dealers" still want to develop bigger market. Today's interview with the master is the Jinyang Agricultural Machinery Company Yan Xuefeng!

Yan Xuefeng: agent of Zhonglian Harvest road(图1)

Yan Xuefeng's father spent more than 20 years gradually developing the small store into an influential agent in Jinan.

Yan Xuefeng, although still young, he has already more than ten years of sales and rich experience in the agricultural machinery industry. Yan Xuefeng followed his father into the agricultural machinery agent industry. Yan Xuefeng introduced: "Previously, I just regarded farm machinery agent business as a tool for making a living, but the more specialized in this industry, the more I like the agricultural industry. What’s more, the knowledge of the industry is also quite a lot. How to choose the best product and help users to get products what suits them, which are not a simple thing."

In recent years, his father gradually handed over the company's business to Yan Xuefeng. Xuefeng with keen insight and judgment, successfully represented several hot-selling models. One of them is Zhonglian Harvest wheat combine harvester. Talking about the reason for choosing Zhonglian Harvest wheat combine harvester, Yan Xuefeng said: "First, Zhengzhou Zhonglian Harvest peanut combine harvester has achieved great success in improving the influence of the entire product line in the industry; Second, the Zhonglian Harvest wheat combine harvester series out of the Xinjiang series of wheat combine harvester, the Xinjiang series of wheat combine harvester has its own loyal fans; Third, Zhonglian Harvest wheat combine harvester is cost-effective. At the same time, it can ensure the quality of the product and be more competitive."

Yan Xuefeng: agent of Zhonglian Harvest road(图2)

Mr. Yan has his own strategy for selling Zhonglian Harvest in the local market. Yan admitted that he did not dare large-scale promotion and sales in the first year of the agent Zhonglian Harvest. After all, he also need to communicate with manufacturers in cooperation, build trust and ensure after-sales service. Yan said: "In three years' time, I have a deeper understanding of Zhonglian Harvest combine harvester. I am full of confidence in the product's performance and after-sales service."

Yan Xuefeng: agent of Zhonglian Harvest road(图3)

Mr. Yan talked about details of the cooperation with Zhonglian Harvest: "Just agent Zhonglian Harvest for the first year, although the sale of equipment is very small, Zhonglian Harvest still arranges service personnel stationed in the local area dedicated to provide after-sales service for users".

According to Zhengzhou Zhonglian Harvest staff, Zhengzhou Zhonglian's agent group has many cases like Jinyang Agricultural Machinery. Zhengzhou Zhonglian Harvest hopes to work with Mr. Yan's "second generation" agents to cooperate. Zhonglian Harvest focusing on harvesting machinery for thirty years, has provided more than 200,000 sets of combine harvesters, from the Xinjiang-2 to Xinjiang-9 series; and to self-propelled peanut picking combine harvester. Self-propelled peanut picking combine harvester relying on efficient operating efficiency, stable quality, good after-sales service, has achieved sales of explosive growth. According to reliable data self-propelled peanut picking harvesting market, Zhengzhou Zhonglian Harvest share of the market. According to the reliable data statistics of self-propelled peanut picker harvesting market, Zhengzhou Zhonglian Harvest occupies 45% of the domestic market, and part of them even reaches an 90% market share.

Now, Jinyang Agricultural Machinery new workplace will be put into use, Mr. Yan also has a clear planning and expectation for cooperation with Zhonglian Harvest!