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Zhonglian Harvest 4LZ-9B Grain Combine Gets Users' Affection


Zhonglian Harvest 4LZ-9B Grain Combine Gets Users' Affection


This year, the No.1 document of the Central Government puts forward the strategy of strengthening the agricultural. A strong country must first strengthen its agriculture, and the high-quality development of agricultural machinery is the necessary for a strong agricultural country. Zhonglian Harvest, which focuses on the research and development of harvesting machinery, and sets the goal of agricultural machinery to strengthen agriculture.

Mr. Chen of Suixi County, Huaibei City, Anhui Province, bought a 4LZ-9B full-feed grain combine harvester last year. In the last season, he worked thousands of acres of land around his hometown by himself. Starting with wheat harvester, an old 40-year-old Mr. Chen has been engaged in agricultural machinery operations for more than 20 years, but the 4LZ-9B full-feed grain combine harvester still amazed him. "The cab is so well sealed! You can't hear any noise from outside, and the seat is very comfortable, so you don't feel tired. It's also easier to operate with one button, so you don't have to worry about so many operating instructions or operational errors."

In addition to the ease of operation and the sealing of the cab, Mr. Chen is satisfied with the speed of harvesting. Afraid that the reporter could not understand, Mr. Chen introduced it: "Watch this engine, it is 200 invertible horsepower, which is particularly fast and suitable for the personalized operation of our veteran mechine users. It has an anti-tangle device on the right side of the reel, so that it can improve the efficiency of operation. Moreover, this grain bin unloading cylinder is 27cm thick in diameter and can hold 2.5 cubic metres of grain at the same time, so we can harvest faster." Mr. Chen gestures excitedly, "Also, the diameter of the axial drum shaft tube and the shaft head have been thickened, which makes the operation more powerful than before. The diameter of the power output pulley has also been thickened by 30mm, so the walking speed has increased a lot compared to the original, and it can harvest more than 100 acres of land."

When reporter asked about the after-sales service, Mr. Chen waved his hand and said, "I don't need it at all, the quality of my harvester is very stable and it has never broken down. Look at the chassis, 16mm steel, how strong must it be? And the main hydraulic clutch tensioner arm is so strong that it doesn't even deform, so it's hard for you to break it." After a pause, he chuckled and said, "Besides, after so many years of using agricultural machinery, I've basically become an expert, and I can take care of some minor problems by myself."

Mr Chen never worries about making money. He has sixty or seventy acres of land, plus acquaintances to introduce the operation of the surrounding large households, easy to make money, so he did not want to go to another country.

The performance and reliability of the Zhonglian Harvest 4LZ-9B full-feed grain combine harvester have been highly recognized and evaluated by thousands of farmers, providing a quality solution for the upgrading of agricultural mechanization and modernization. In the future, Zhonglian Harvest will add more dynamic energy to the harvester market with more focused craftsmanship, produce more well-made agricultural machinery products, and be a "sharp weapon" on the road to a strong agricultural country!