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The "crop man" touches the doorway, consumer word of mouth is king


The "crop man" touches the doorway, consumer word of mouth is king


4HJL-6/6S peanut picking and harvesting machine



Real shot of Zhonglian peanut harvesting machine operation site↑

Liu Shuhuan Master Liu lives in Jicheng Village, Xiaoji Town, Fengnan District, Tangshan City, Hebei Province. At the age of 30, he also took over the "big banner" of his father's generation and became an authentic "crop man". "I didn't go out to work after graduation. I have been helping my parents with the dozens of acres of peanut fields at home. There are relatively few peanut machines in the village. Every year when the peanut harvest season arrives, I have to wait for the number to collect. When the weather is bad, it may also lead to a reduction in peanut production, and I have a headache. I thought carefully if I had a peanut machine at home, so in 2020, I purchased a 4HJL-2.5 from Zhonglian Harvest The peanut picking and harvesting machine not only does not need to ask for help, it is also convenient to use at home, and it can also help the villagers to collect peanuts, alleviating the shortage of peanut machines in the village during the harvest season." Master Liu told us.


Real shot of Zhonglian peanut harvesting machine operation site↑

As the saying goes, gold and silver awards are not as good as consumers' praise, and gold and silver cups are not as good as consumers' word-of-mouth. Master Liu has something to say about this, "There are still many manufacturers producing peanut machines on the market. Why did I choose "Zhonglian Harvest" among the many brands? Although I am still relatively young, my ancestors have followed the same path. When dealing with land, I still know a little bit about agricultural machinery products. The reason why I dare to buy the products of China United Harvest with confidence from the beginning is my own reason. First, China United Harvest is a well-known professional in China. Harvest machinery manufacturer, and its predecessor was the Zhengzhou Harvester Factory that once produced "Xinjiang-2". The big brand is more secure and trustworthy. Second, Zhonglian Harvest dares to innovate itself, and has a high retention rate and excess capacity in the traditional market. Under the circumstance, it is foreseeable to switch to the field of peanut harvesting machines. And the peanut machines of Zhonglian Harvest became a hit in the market, and the market share reached 30% in just one year. The products produced by sexual manufacturers will not be bad;


The third is that the quality of the products harvested by Zhonglian is excellent, the after-sales service is guaranteed, and our people are more assured. Indeed, the peanut machines harvested by Zhonglian are rare conscience enterprises in terms of product quality, operation effect and after-sales service. , Since I bought the peanut machine harvested by our Zhonglian in 20 years, I have never had a hard time in my work. Last year, after helping the villagers collect peanuts, I went to Langfang and Cangzhou to work in different districts, accumulatively collecting more than 1,500 acres. The efficiency has also doubled compared to the previous light farming, and the peanut machine has no problems during the operation, but some parts are worn out. This is a common thing for us. After returning to Tangshan, I reported the after-sales service. , The service of Zhonglian Harvest is very user-friendly, and it will be handled at the door within two days. If I want to say that buying products, I still have to buy products from big manufacturers like our Zhonglian Harvest. "



When it comes to this year's plan, Master Liu seems to be well-informed, "I have always been very optimistic about the products we have harvested from Zhonglian. I have a good impression of it, but after I didn't think about it, I found out that it really is not just a superficial but a real thing. , Now I have become a loyal user of Zhonglian Harvest. No wonder Zhonglian Harvest has such a good reputation among users. In just a few years, it has launched the peanut harvester market and has become a well-known brand. As for this year, I have a plan. I learned that this year, Zhonglian Harvest will upgrade the 2021 classic model, and launch a new 4HJL-6/6S self-propelled peanut picking and harvesting machine that includes 21 details such as comfort, maneuverability, and practicality. , so that the overall performance of the peanut machine becomes more stable, more efficient, more comfortable to drive, and cleaner.


After two years of work, I still have the budget to buy another peanut harvester. I believe that after this year's harvest season, I will soon return to my original budget. Thanks to the confidence of Zhonglian Harvest, I have the ability to buy a peanut harvester. Dare to buy and buy. "