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Driving A Good Car Is Fun, And The Zhonglian Harvest Peanut Machine Is Really Wonderful!


Driving a good car is fun, and the Zhonglian Harvest Peanut Machine is wonderful!


The specialty of our Luan County is peanuts. It is conceivable how much peanut planting area occupies in our local area. I have grown peanuts since I was a child. Before, they were all harvested manually. However, in recent years, the planting area of peanuts has been gradually increasing. There are more and more machine harvests, and I thought that operating a peanut machine might be a good choice. In 2018, I bought a peanut machine. " Mr. Feng Zhaofeng from Xiegezhuang Village, Ciyutuo Town, Luan County, Tangshan City, Hebei Province, told the author.


Mr. Feng continued: "When I first came into contact with the peanut machine in 2018, I was really confused. After all, the peanut machine was a new product at the time, so I bought a peanut picker of a certain brand without much in-depth understanding. Harvester. As a result, this harvester was not working, and it was still malfunctioning. When working across regions in Inner Mongolia, it obviously felt useless. At that time, there was a peanut machine driven by a working Henan brother, but it was working in full swing. On a gray land, the red and white peanut machines are very dazzling, and the peanuts are harvested quickly and well, and the work efficiency is also high. When I watched other people work, I just muttered, why is it also a peanut machine The gap is so big. After the Henan brothers finished their work, I asked him for advice. What brand of peanut machine did they buy, and why the peanuts he harvested were clean and good, with almost no missing fruit, and the breakage rate was low. , is there any trick. They told me that they were driving the 4HJL-2500 peanut machine harvested by Zhengzhou Zhonglian, with few broken fruit and clean selection. And the peanut machine harvested by Zhonglian has good performance and can adapt to most of the land that can be machine-harvested. After that, they also let me experience it on the machine. Driving a good car is enjoyable. In Henan's words, it is really not bad '."


After returning from Inner Mongolia, Mr. Feng sold the peanut machine in his hand, and immediately purchased the 4H Ding L-2500 peanut machine harvested by Zhengzhou Zhonglian. Since then, Mr. Feng has driven his Zhonglian harvest "chariot" South During the Northern War, I went all the way to the Northeast, Inner Mongolia and other regions to work, and gained a lot of benefits in the past few years. "It has been four or five years since 2018. Every year, I renew the peanut machine. I sell the old machine and replace it with the latest model. Based on my experience in the past few years, I can see the second-hand peanut harvested by Zhonglian. The resale price of the machine can also be 10,000 or 20,000 higher than that of similar peanut machines on the second-hand market.”


The self-propelled peanut picking and harvesting machine of Zhonglian Harvest has exploded the market since its launch in 207. Many agricultural machinery operators have begun to buy this peanut picking and harvesting machine for cross-regional operations, and the benefits are considerable. Nowadays, more and more areas have realized the mechanized harvesting of peanuts. When it comes to the peanut harvesting season, you can always see the red and white Zhonglian peanut harvesting machines busy in the fields. There are many agricultural machinery operators like Feng Zhao, and more and more young and middle-aged people who go out to work choose to stay at home. It is a good way to operate the peanut machine harvested by Zhonglian.


Referring to the future development plan, Mr. Feng said: "I will also buy a new peanut machine product of Zhonglian Harvest this year. They have released a 4H-L-6 product this year, which has higher work efficiency and is especially suitable for our cross-regional production. As a user of the job, in the future, I will always support the peanut machine harvested by Zhonglian!