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30 Years Of Cross-regional Veteran Talk About Zhonglian Harvest--good Cars Are Not Afraid To Wait


The mechanical yield rate of wheat in China is over 95%, which is the crop with the highest level of mechanical harvesting among all staple grains. Henan, as one of the main wheat-producing areas in the country, has produced a large number of cross-regional crops based on kinship relationships. The "New Mike" of the operation, the "Mike" of the new era is particularly concerned about purchasing a product that they like. Their understanding and criticality of the product are even more than that of many agents and manufacturers' sales personnel. If the manufacturer only wants to It is futile to gain user trust through marketing tricks. Only by making good products and services in a down-to-earth manner can we gain their recognition and trust.

The Yang we interviewed today has more than 30 years of cross-regional experience. There are more than 20 wheat harvesters of various brands in the village where he lives. The income from the cross-regional operations is the main source of income for the farmers in the village! Therefore, choosing a good car in hand is not only an income guarantee but also the face of "Mike"!

A good meal is not afraid of being late, a good car is not afraid of waiting--Zhonglian Harvest 9L

Yang is from Zhumadian, Henan Province. He is in his early 50s. This age is the best year for agricultural machinery operators. According to Yang, the mainstream wheat machines in China are basically purchased and used. He has his own comments on the performance characteristics of major brands of wheat harvesters. After the launch of new products on the market, Yang will definitely have a test drive. In his spare time, Yang’s favorite hobby is to refit his own harvester and work across regions. If you can do it yourself in the process, you will never look for after-sales service.

At the beginning of this year, Yang intends to update a wheat harvester, learn about the 2022 new products launched by major OEMs through short videos, and test-drive products of many brands at local dealers. Although he paid attention to Zhengzhou Zhonglian new product--Zhonglian Harvest 9L at the beginning of the year, but due to the delay in the local prototype due to the epidemic, Yang was not able to experience the real car at the first time. He only learned through short videos and communicated with netizens who have already picked up the harvester and the details of 9L. When he really saw Zhonglian Harvest 9L, Yang said with a smile: "The dealers don't understand as much as I do." Yang took a test drive and paid for the purchase! But the only agent who showed the car had to ask Yang to wait. Yang said, "A good meal is not afraid of being late, and a good car is not afraid of waiting."

Mr. Yang bought the first Zhonglian Harvest 9L in the village, but some friends in the same village did not understand: "Although the Xinjiang series wheat machine is a classic product, the Zhonglian Harvest 9L is in the same vein as the Xinjiang series, but it is also a brand new product. Is the risk too great? !"

Facing the concerns of friends, Yang has his own understanding: "Zhengzhou Zhonglian is a 30-year-old factory, and Xinjiang series products are also his old brand of main products, and this product is cost-effective, I believe it will not live up to it. The trust of our patrons!" 

According to the introduction of Zhengzhou Zhonglian staff, the Zhonglian Harvest 9L product not only inherits the excellent genes of high-cost performance of the Xinjiang wheat machine series but also boldly innovates. This product adopts shear flow and longitudinal axial flow, double drum threshing separation technology, can harvest different crops such as wheat and sorghum have longer working hours throughout the year, and the feeding amount of 9 kg can meet the harvesting needs of various plots. The product positioning directly refers to cross-regional users as "cutting the dark horse, the all-around king, the first choice for cross-regional, and the magic weapon to get rich".

In 2022, Zhengzhou Zhonglian service will be upgraded again 

Ask Yang what problems users are most afraid of in cross-regional work? When Yang talks about cross-district, he is afraid of three points: problems with large items, difficulty buying accessories, and untimely after-sales.

The three points of Zhengzhou Zhonglian just resolved the worries of cross-region operators. Thirty years of harvester technology precipitation has been handy for optimizing the core components of products; hundreds of customer service sales service centers and dozens of parts pre-warehouses have been set up in China. It is convenient for users to purchase accessories in time during the working season; after-sales service promises and implementation: "60-second online response, offline 24-hour arrival service".