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Three Brothers United from Xinjiang-2 to Xinjiang-9


Three Brothers United from Xinjiang-2 to Xinjiang-9


Preface: In the fiercely competitive wheat combine harvester market, Zhengzhou Zhonglian Harvest has its own place. A large part of its users is made up of repeat users who have purchased the harvester twice or more. From the earliest Xinjiang-2 model to the present Xinjiang-9 model, the demand and trust of customers have inspired Zhengzhou Zhonglian Harvest to continuously focus on customers, strengthen product development and technical improvement, improving the user service experience, and continue to win the trust and support of customers through continuous product innovation.


Today, more and more entrepreneurs are choosing to start their own business in the rural area, especially some of the groups who left the countryside early, worked hard in the cities, accumulated some capital and then returned to the countryside to start their own business. Through their hard work and innovation, these people have brought new energy and opportunities to agriculture. This time we visited "three brothers who returned from the southern cities to the hometown" in Hua County, Henan Province, which is very representative.

Three brothers returned to the village to start their own business

In their youth, three brothers had been working on tunnel in a southern city. Tunnelling is a very dangerous job and involves working in a small space, which can also have a significant impact on their health. The three brothers understood that it was not a job that they could do for their while lives, but there was no opportunity to do bacle then.

After the opening of the highway in their hometown in 2006, the three brothers had the idea of returning to their hometown to do something. At that time, the mechanisation rate of agricultural production was not high, but after years of living on construction sites, they witnessed the gradual replacement of manual labour by construction machinery, and the three brothers believed that in the future, agriculture would also gradually be replaced by machines.


They decided to start with their best-known wheat harvester cross-zone service, and one by one they bought tractors and harvesters, gradually developed into the most well-equipped and largest agricultural mechanics in their village. In 2022, the three brothers purchased the latest model of Zhonglian Harvest which is Xinjiang-9 wheat harvester, and the three brothers talked about why choosing Zhengzhou Zhonglian harvesters: "When we returned to the hometown, the wheat harvester was the Xinjiang-2, and then I also chose the peanut harvester and corn harvester produced by Zhengzhou Zhonglian Harvest. As a result, when I decided to buy a wheat combine harvester last year, I had no hesitation in choosing Zhonglian Harvest.

Zhengzhou Zhonglian brand service upgraded again

According to the staff of Zhengzhou Zhonglian, "Nowadays, the competition in the agricultural machinery market is fierce, and the possibility of explosive growth is very small. The only way to make the products have market share is to do a good job in serving the old users; it is not a skill for anyone to have business when the market is good, and it is only vital for anyone to gain the trust of users when the market is poor. While doing a good job with the products, Zhengzhou Zhonglian Harvest assists users in many aspects such as product updates, service upgrades and financial protection to jointly reduce costs and increase revenue at the same time."

Service upgrade: Several years ago, Zhengzhou Zhonglian has been working with local dealers to gradually improve the spare parts network and increase staffing. Nowadays, hundreds of customer service and sales service centres and dozens of spare parts warehouses have been set up in China, so customers can purchase spare parts in time during the working season; after-sales service is promised and implemented: "60 seconds response online, 24 hours service offline". The "User Club" is a new service provided by Zhengzhou Zhonglian Harvest Machinery Co., Ltd. to provide users with more comprehensive, professional and efficient services to improve customer experience.


Product update: The continuously updating of Zhonglian Harvest Wheat Harvester Xinjiang series is aimed at cross-zone users as a "black horse, all-round, cross-zone, wealthy tool", which adopted the cutting flow and longitudinal flow, double drum threshing and separation technology system, and can harvest different crops such as wheat and sorghum, with a longer operating time throughout the year. The 9 kg feeding capacity meets the harvesting needs of a wide range of plots.