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Zhonglian Harvest Xinjiang-8 Wheat Machine Strengthens Users' Confidence In Cross-regional Operation


When it comes to the wheat harvester, we must say that this company with nearly 30 years of development, "Zhengzhou Zhonglian Harvesting Machinery Co., Ltd.", is one of the earliest companies producing "Xinjiang-2" wheat machines. In the past few years, through the continuous upgrading and improvement of products, it has not only been well-known in Henan, but also has a place in Hebei, Shandong, Anhui, and other major wheat growing areas. In this regard, Liu Jianhua, Xiesha Village, Gaoguzhuang Town, Shenzhou City, Hebei Province was deeply touched.


Liu Jianhua is not an "old agricultural machinery driver". He has been engaged in the agricultural machinery service industry for about four or five years. Although he has not been engaged in the agricultural machinery service industry for too long, he knows a lot about large and small agricultural machinery brands . In addition to two high-power tractors, Liu Jianhua's family also started a wheat harvester in 2019 to try to enter the field of wheat harvesting services.

In 2019, after Liu Jianhua decided to buy a wheat harvester, he also did a lot of research, and had a detailed understanding of several common products on the market, and finally chose to buy a "Zhonglian Harvest 4LZ-8B1 from Henan" Type Self-propelled Grain Combine Harvester (Xinjiang-8 Wheat Harvester) ".Liu Jianhua has his own opinion on why to buy the "Zhonglian Harvest" Xinjiang-8 wheat machine: "In fact, after so many years of development, the technology of the wheat harvester has been relatively mature, and the products of various manufacturers are actually not very different. The first-line brands are indeed The products are sold a lot, but the prices are also expensive. For the wheat harvester manufacturing enterprises like "Zhonglian Harvest", which has been inherited for nearly 30 years, the quality and technology of the products must be no problem, the cost performance is high, and the cost is naturally recovered. Hurry up, it can also generate income earlier, so under comprehensive consideration, I chose the Xinjiang-8 wheat machine. "


Through the 2019 wheat harvest season, Xinjiang-8 wheat harvester did not disappoint Liu Jianhua. Because he planted more than 200 acres of wheat, corn and other food crops, Liu Jianhua did not conduct cross-regional operations, but only through the surrounding wheat harvesting operation, Liu Jianhua’s Xinjiang-8 wheat harvester worked for 10 days and harvested After about 800 acres of land, Liu Jianhua was very satisfied with the income. "All the wheat in our village is harvested, and the villagers generally report that the harvest is very clean, and the effect of returning straw to the field is also very good. The wheat in our village is basically harvested by Xinjiang -8 of the" Zhonglian Harvest " One, two in the village were also bought last year. The harvesters of other brands are stopped by the roadside, and no one is using them at all. "

Through the verification of a working season, in addition to the good harvesting effect, the quality of Xinjiang-8 wheat harvester also satisfied Liu Jianhua. Although there was no cross-regional operation, the Xinjiang-8 wheat harvester basically had no problems under the ten-day high-intensity harvesting operation. And Liu Jianhua communicated with some cross-region users, even in such a more intensive operating environment, the Xinjiang-8 wheat harvester rarely encountered quality problems.

"Xinjiang-8 wheat harvester is not only reliable in quality, but also the service of their manufacturers is in place. When the operation started last year, there was a problem of slightly higher water temperature, which did not affect the normal operation, but after all, in the first year of playing wheat machine, It ’s still not practical, so I called their after-sales service. People rushed to my job site as soon as possible. By asking us for some operation details, we also conducted a detailed inspection of the machine. After a few simple maintenances, it was solved. Tell us some maintenance techniques, how to avoid some minor problems, the service is really thoughtful. "Obviously, Liu Jianhua is also very satisfied with the after-sales service of" Zhonglian Harvest ".

It is also based on the recognition of the quality of Xinjiang-8 wheat machine products and the trust in the "Zhonglian Harvest" after-sales service, Liu Jianhua also developed the idea of going out to work across the region this year. For this reason, he retired part of the land this year and worked hard Prepare for cross-regional operations. Although the impact of the epidemic is not over yet, Liu Jianhua is full of confidence: "In fact, the impact of the epidemic on our agriculture is not so great. People always have to eat and food is the foundation. The only thing to worry about is the road closure in various regions, but Now I see that many regional governments have issued policies for agricultural machinery cross-regional operations. It can be said that we are doing our best to facilitate our cross-regional operations. There is nothing to worry about. "