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The peanut harvester market is growing steadily, with a family of user-focused brands!


The peanut harvester market is growing steadily, with a family of user-focused brands! 开头

  In recent years, China has adjusted the structure of the planting industry, encouraging the people to plant peanuts and other oil crops, and actively promote the steady growth of peanut production, with the people's enthusiasm to plant peanuts continues to improve, the peanut planting area across the country, especially in Henan Province, has increased year by year.

According to relevant data, 2021 statistics of the shortcomings of the level of agricultural mechanization, the comprehensive mechanization rate of peanut plowing, planting and harvesting is 65.5%, peanut harvesting link is a vital part of peanut planting, but also the focus of policy support. Subsidy policy support, coupled with high returns and high rates of return, the peanut harvesting machine market has been developing steadily over the past few years, with a number of enterprises rapidly occupying the market.


  As of December 31, 2022, there were 67,000 cumulative users visiting the peanut harvester products on the Agricultural Machinery Tong website. In terms of monthly distribution, a large number of users are concerned about peanut harvesters from June to October due to different peanut maturity periods in some regions.


Top peanut harvester companies online in 2022

  In 2022, the attention of companies producing peanut harvesters, Zoomlion Harvest once again topped the list with 20,400 followers, far exceeding other brands; Weichai Lever came second with 4,327 followers; and Dechang Machinery was third with 3,961 followers.


  In 2022, the peanut harvester product network attention ranking, Zoomlion harvesting 4HJL-6 peanut machine in the top, the number of attention 12,000 people; the second place is still the 4HZJ-2500A peanut machine under Zoomlion harvesting, the number of attention 7,503 people; the third place for the Reeva Gushen 4HZJ-2600 peanut machine, the number of attention 3,861 people.