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Zhonglian Harvests Red Wheat Fields To Help Reduce Damage To Machine Harvesting And Ensure That The Grains Are Returned To The Warehouse


Zhonglian harvests "red" wheat fields to help reduce damage to machine harvesting and ensure that the grains are returned to the warehouse

On June 11, the Machine Harvest Loss Contest organized by the Shanxi Yuncheng Agricultural Machinery Bureau kicked off in Xia County after several days of intensive preparations. The county magistrate of Xia County and a group of government officials participated. This competition has attracted many media reporters and the masses. After all, Mai Shou is related to the Chinese people's jobs, and its importance is self-evident.

There are 5 contestants in this competition, all of them have many years of operating experience, and the driving models are also different. There are several well-known brands such as Zhonglian Harvest, Tellinong King, Zoomlion Valley King, Weichai Lovol and so on.


During the machine collection and loss reduction competition

At 9:30, with the sound of a "pop", the machine harvesting and damage reduction competition officially began. The 5 operators who were ready to go drove their respective harvesters and rushed to enter the "battlefield". After more than an hour of fierce competition, 5 The operators all completed the harvesting work at their highest level. Harvesting, threshing, cleaning, and entering the granules into the warehouse, all in one go, the scene is very spectacular.

After the competition, the judges calculated the competition results by demarcating the evaluation scope and according to the measurement methods such as productivity, harvest loss rate, and cleaning effect, etc., and finally drove Zhang Shuilong, who was the winner of Xinjiang 4LZ-9L, with the smallest loss rate. The cleanest and most productive wheat won the "Mechanical Harvest Loss Competition".


Champion Zhang Shuilong

To win the championship, Zhang Shuilong himself was surprised and excited. Zhang Shuilong, 53, is from Donghetou Village, Huzhang Township, Xia County, Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province. He has been engaged in wheat machine harvesting for five years. Originally, he was a little uncomfortable facing the camera, but when he asked how to reduce losses during harvesting, he also talked eloquently. "First of all, adjust the width of the harvest according to the size of the plot, do not turn while cutting, make sure that the turning does not overwhelm the uncut wheat, and try to harvest the full width, according to the density of the wheat planting, the degree of dryness and wetness, and whether there is lodging, To adjust the height of the header and the rotation speed of the reel, reduce the loss during harvesting, and be sure to walk in a straight line during harvesting..." Of course, the above are the operating experience Zhang Shuilong has summed up with years of harvesting operations.

He also said that in order to reduce losses, in addition to some operating skills, the most important thing is to have a reliable wheat harvester product. It was also after this competition that he strengthened his confidence in the Zhonglian Harvest Harvester, and he will continue to choose the Zhonglian Harvest brand in the future.


Zhonglian Harvest Xinjiang 4LZ-9L harvester driven by Zhang Shuilong

It is reported that the model driven by Zhang Shuilong is the Zhonglian 4LZ-9L self-propelled grain combine harvester, which is also the star model of Zhonglian. It not only has reliable quality and high efficiency, but also can be used for multiple purposes in one machine. It has a very wide range of operations and has become the first choice of many customers. Most importantly, the harvesting efficiency is very high. In particular, the threshing system of the harvester adopts the most advanced tangential flow + vertical axial flow technology. After the initial horizontal axis screening, it enters the elongated and enlarged vertical axial flow drum to continue screening, and the maximum separation is achieved. The grains and materials are more thoroughly separated. With the improved cleaning room, the harvested grains are clean and the loss is small, which is well received by the market.

Food security is the "biggest player in the country", and it is related to the national economy and people's livelihood. Only by realizing a bumper crop year after year, abundant stocks and sufficient supply, and taking care of the Chinese people's rice bowl, can the country be more confident and confident in the complex international situation. To this end, Zhonglian Harvest will continue to explore, strive for excellence, fulfill its social responsibilities in the agricultural machinery industry, and work hard to ensure food security.