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Zhonglian Harvest Wins Nigeria again with Quality


Zhonglian Harvest Wins Nigeria again with Quality

Nigeria is Africa's largest economy with most population, with over 3,000 hectares of arable land. Most of the agricultural sector is currently dominated by smallholder households, who cultivate an average of 20-30 acres under rainfed conditions. According to the survey, Nigeria is relatively backward in terms of farm mechanisation and needs a lot of agricultural machinery and equipment, so farmers are always looking for farm machinery products that are suitable for local harvesting conditions.


With the expansion of trade between the two sides since the establishment of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, the platform has also enabled Africa like Nigeria and China to establish practical and effective cooperation.

Since 2014, the rice and corn harvesters by Zhonglian Harvest have been exported to Nigeria, and they have been highly praised locally, which has also led to more Nigerian customers sign many orders. Not long ago, Zhonglian Harvest received a message from a Nigerian customer: "Hello my friend, I saw your products and very impressed, I need to purchase soybean harvester and corn harvester, can you export to Nigeria please?"


The foreign trade personnel of Zhonglian Harvest consulted the customer's needs in detail, sent the product information to the customer, and told the customer that he could combine the video on our media social account to understand the product situation more intuitively. The customer saw the manufacturing process of Zhonglian Harvest products under our official video account and asked questions about what he didn't understand, and the foreign trade personnel of Zhonglian Harvest explained it in detail for him one by one. This customer also docked with other old users of Zhonglian harvesters in Nigeria. According to the old user, he was very satisfied with the harvesting effect of Zhonglian harvesters and praised the quality of the harvesters. It was because of the effective communication and the staff’s timely answers to his questions that won the customer's trust in Zhonglians harvesting products, and he quickly confirmed the order and paid the deposit. In the follow-up process, Zhonglian Harvest staff coordinated the order progress many times to ensure the products were delivered to the customer smoothly. Zhonglian Harvest always insists on serving every customer well and doing its best to escort every order.


The Nigerian government attaches great importance to China's "One Belt, One Road" strategy and implements this strategic to strengthen cooperation with China. As the agricultural economy continues to grow, Nigeria's demand for agricultural machinery products is increasing. We believe that Zhonglian Harvest can always adhere to the concept of innovation and development, continuously improve product performance, speak with profession, meet the needs of more agricultural farmers in Nigeria and Africa, and make more and more people trust Zhonglian Harvest.,Ltd. was established in 1992 on the basis of the former Zhengzhou Harvester Factory (prepared in 1990), which is a professional harvesting machinery enterprise integrating product research and development, parts production, machine assembly and sales service after resource integration and asset restructuring, and is the earliest batch of enterprises producing harvesters in China. In the past 30 years since its establishment, the company has always taken "serving agriculture and creating value for customers" as its tenet, carried forward the enterprise spirit of "integrity, dedication, collaboration and innovation" and adhered to the core values of "pursuing excellence in quality and innovation-driven development". With the core values of "pursuing excellence in quality and innovation-driven development", the company has supplied more than 400,000 units of harvesting machines to the worldwide market, which has greatly contributed to the development of agricultural mechanization in China and the world.