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CCTV Certification of Large Factory Style: CCTV Documentary "Pick up Our Golden Stretcher" Praises Zhonglian Harvest


CCTV Certification of Large Factory Style: CCTV Documentary "Pick up Our Golden Stretcher" Praises Zhonglian Harvest


  On 9 October 2022, the second episode of CCTV's large-scale documentary "Picking Up Our Golden Stretcher", "Pioneers of Economic Crop Production", was broadcast on China Central Radio and Television's Agricultural and Rural Channel. With the theme of China's agricultural mechanisation, the film starts from five different aspects: staple crops, cash crops, animal husbandry and aquaculture, fruits and vegetables, and independent R&D. Through a series of vivid characters and rich and diverse production scenes in China's rural areas, the film tells the story of how China's agricultural mechanisation development has guaranteed food security and changed the lives of the nation, and presents a panoramic view of the great achievements of China's agricultural mechanisation since the 18th Party Congress. It shows the great achievements of China's agricultural mechanisation since the 18th Party Congress.


  China is the world's larger peanut-producing country, with the world's largest planting area and production. Due to the high returns from peanut cultivation, peanut cultivation has become an important channel for most farmers in the main producing areas to increase their income. As one of the world's most important oil crops, peanut has a pivotal position in the world's oil production. With increasing production in recent years, it has steadily ranked among the top 8 oil crops in China. Oil crops as economic crops is an important carrier of China's food security and economic development, so the production and development of more efficient and economical machinery and equipment has put forward a higher standard of requirements.


  In response, Zhengzhou Zhonglian Harvesting Machinery Co., Ltd, which has 30 years of experience in the development and production of harvesting machines, launched a self-propelled peanut picking harvester in 2016, which completely solved the problem of mechanical peanut harvesting. As mentioned in the CCTV documentary, most of the peanut mechanized harvesting in the main peanut producing areas in China today is divided into two steps: step to pull the peanuts out of the soil by the roots, two to three days of drying so that the soil attached to the peanut fruit becomes dry, and then the peanut picking harvester enters the field, completes the separation of fruit and stems inside the harvester, and the clearing fan blows away the rootstalk leaves and sand impurities with strong winds to complete a perfect harvest of peanut fruit The peanuts are then harvested to perfection.


  In order to guarantee the safety of grain and oil in China and let more users use more reliable and safe peanut picking and harvesting machines, Zhonglian Harvest has been continuously improving its production capacity for many years, and now it can produce one qualified peanut picking and harvesting machine every 45 minutes on average, but it still cannot meet the needs of users all over the country. Even though Zhonglian Harvest peanut picker harvester has taken the leading position in the national peanut machine market, Zhonglian people still keep surpassing themselves and upgrading the peanut machine every year to better meet the needs of customers.


  Liu Jichen, a user in Nanyang, Henan Province, mentioned in the CCTV documentary, has been a peanut harvester for five years. By driving the Zhonglian peanut picker harvester, he can operate more than 100 mu of land, but even with such an efficient rhythm, the harvesting operation depends on the weather. In this regard, the marketing staff of Zhonglian Harvest will conduct on-site research on users every harvesting season in order to improve the machine and continuously launch peanut picking and harvesting machine products that meet users' needs more.


  On the day the programme was broadcast, Zhonglian's peanut harvesting machine triggered a lot of discussion in the agricultural machinery industry, especially among the users of Zhonglian's peanut harvesting machine and the people of Zhonglian, who felt deeply proud. In this regard, Zhonglian people have a deeper understanding of the enterprise's tenet of "serving agriculture and creating value for customers" and its core values of "pursuing quality excellence and innovation-driven development". We believe that Zhonglian will be able to become a global harvesting machinery enterprise in the future.