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Not afraid of high temperature, only to serve agriculture


Not afraid of high temperature, only to serve agriculture


Henan in August

Orange high temperature warnings issued many times

Heat wave

Staged a "smoke roast" curtain

But it can't stop these " Workers"

The passion and pace of efficient production and food conservation


Not afraid of high temperature


Under sustained high temperature

Front-line workers are unrelenting in the workshop

Their clothes were never dry

Sweat on their cheeks

But they are still not afraid of high temperature, no complaints and no regrets

Wipe off the sweat and keep fighting...


Full of fighting spirit


Guys who have just entered the agricultural machinery manufacturing industry

Strictly follow standardized job skills and safety training

Full of fighting spirit, striving to be the first

Sweat on the production line

Inherit the spirit of perseverance

Only fight for the day and night, live up to the youth


Cool for the post!

Ice cream, large ice cubes, mineral water, cooling fan, honeysuckle, cooling oil, wind oil

Physiological saline, Huoxiangzhengqi water...

The company organizes various forms of "cool" activities

Leaders at all levels of Zhengzhou Zhonglian

One after another to the first-line workshop condolences

Instruct everyone to make reasonable arrangements and do a good job in preventing heatstroke and cooling

Guarantee production goals and help autumn harvest grains return to warehouses


 Staff from front line say

"It's hot and tired 

As long as you have faith, you can be afraid of high temperature 

The company brings us cool 

Let's get motivated!

We also need to serve agriculture