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Liu Wei: I drive Zhonglian and I get popular everywhere.


Liu Wei: I drive Zhonglian and I get popular everywhere.

    Xincai County, Zhumadian, Henan Province is a traditional agricultural county with abundant water resources and an area of more than 21415801 acres of arable land. In order to improve the quality and efficiency of agriculture, Xincai County has issued a series of policies to support the development of modern agriculture. With the promotion of agricultural efficiency, farmers' income, and rural prosperity, it is committed to transforming from a large agricultural county to a strong agricultural county.

    Liu Wei, who lives in Huanglou Town, Xincai County, has been engaged in the agricultural machinery service industry for more than ten years. When talking about the reason for entering the agricultural machinery service industry, Liu Wei said: "Everything comes naturally. I grew up in the countryside. A friend from a neighboring village drives a tractor, I like it very much, and I do it together with him, and we have been doing it until now." As the agricultural policy in his hometown is getting better and better, he has new ideas and wants to expand the scope of agricultural machinery services.


    In addition to agricultural machinery services, Liu Wei also has a truck business after the busy farming season. Every day is full and happy. Ever since he had the idea of expanding the scope of agricultural machinery services, he took advantage of the convenience of his work to investigate in many places. After market research, Liu Wei and his friends were very optimistic about the peanut harvesting business. After finalizing the direction, they began to look for peanut harvesting machines. Later, another friend of his proposed a Zhonglian peanut harvester. In 2020, Liu Wei saw that his friend was making a lot of money, so he decided to pick up a Zhonglian peanut harvester and started his peanut harvesting business.


    "The year I first bought the peanut harvester, I finished my work locally and followed my friends to the surrounding areas, Nanyang and Hubei." After I got to the place, I contacted the business and found that the growers there trust the Zhonglian peanut harvester very much, and they will give priority to them. Liu Wei and his party did their homework. Because of this, Liu Wei was very surprised, and quietly asked the familiar growers: "Why do you trust the Zhonglian peanut harvester so much?" The answer Liu Wei got was: "This peanut harvester not only harvests quickly but also cleanly, I want to hurry The harvest is over, so I want to let Zhonglian Harvest the peanut harvester to harvest it.

     "The year I bought the Zhonglian peanut harvester, we had two in our village, and now there are more than 20." During the 21 years of cross-regional operations, Liu Wei was more convinced that he was the right one to buy the Zhonglian peanut harvester. "We have a dozen harvester in the past, and we have peanut harvesters of any brand. Zhonglian harvests more. Wherever I go, the Zhonglian peanut harvesters I drive are very popular." After a working season of 21 years, Liu Wei worked Almost more than 165 acres have been collected, and the expected benefits have been achieved.

Now Liu Wei's family is living a happy life. The eldest son has started to work. He accompanies him to work across districts when he is busy with farming. The peanut harvester is not inferior to Liu Wei's. The younger son is still in school and is very obedient and sensible. Liu Wei worked hard with his eldest son and brought an Audi car. He believed that as long as he continued to work hard and worked tirelessly, life would not fail those who worked hard.


    Liu Wei said: "The quality of Zhonglian peanut harvester is really good. I have been running it for two years, and this year is the third year. There is no failure, so I replaced some wearing parts and made a lot of money. Zhonglian harvest is good. It is indispensable to get rich on the road." Liu Wei said that this year he intends to seize the tail of the national third upgrade and wants to buy another Zhonglian peanut harvester. Zhonglian Harvest is also constantly updating and optimizing its products, so that users can use various series of harvesters with stable performance, high efficiency and high returns, and use products and services to help users become bigger and stronger in the field of agricultural machinery services.