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Classification Of Corn Harvesters



It is divided into two types: side-mounted and piggyback:

The 1 side-mounted automatic harvester adopts hard shaft transmission, which is mainly composed of engine, transmission system, clutch, working parts, operating device and side belt. A single-cylinder two-stroke air-cooled gasoline engine and a centrifugal friction clutch of 0.75 to 2 kW are disposed at one end of the transmission shaft, and a working component composed of a reducer and a cutting tool is mounted at the other end. There are many types of working parts, and commonly used are circular saw blades, blades or nylon wires. During the operation, the hook ring on the aluminum alloy sleeve of the drive shaft is hung on the shoulder strap under the shoulder of the operator, and the hand grip is held, and the hard shaft is horizontally swung to complete the work of cutting weeds and shrubs. The machine weighs about 6 to 12 kilograms and rotates at about 4500 to 5000 rpm.

2 backpack automatic harvester. With soft shaft transmission, the general structure is similar to the side-mounted brush cutter. The difference is that the engine is backed on the operator's back, the cutting part is driven by the flexible shaft, and the engine power is generally 0.75~1.2 kW. The engine and the back frame are connected at two points and equipped with special rubber parts for vibration isolation. The flexible shaft is a steel flexible shaft that fits inside the hose to transmit torque. The hose is a threaded tube of steel tape wrapped around a metal braided mesh covered with a rubber boot to infiltrate the shaft with dust-proof soil and retain the lubricating oil on the shaft surface. The cutting width is generally between 1.5 and 2 meters.


The weight of the machine is supported by the traveling wheel, and the machine pushes the machine forward, and the engine drives the working part to perform the cutting and filling operation. Its construction and working principle are similar to portable brush cutters.


Suspended behind the tractor, the power output shaft drives the rotating part of the working part, suitable for large-area cutting operations. It is mainly composed of a frame, a saw blade, a transmission, a suspension device and a push plate. During the cutting operation, the tractor retreats at a speed of 5 km/h and can cut a shrub with a diameter of 10 cm.